Florida Pizza

The Florida Pizza Company offers reduced fat reduced
calorie nutritional pizzas and foods with unbelievable taste!! The
Florida Pizza Company proudly uses its own special 100% whole wheat
dough prepared in stores daily. Most pizza restaurants offering a "whole wheat"
crust are in fact using a whole wheat white flour blend. We
also make our very own marinara sauces in store daily while others use premade
"pizza sauce" from a can! The meats and cheeses used to make our pizzas are lower
in fat and lower in calories than used in traditional pizza places and our vegetables are cut fresh daily.

Pizza, . . and more

In addition to pizza, The Florida Pizza Company offers house salads, sandwiches, and diet/health beverages. We use 100% whole wheat bread and special flax seed bread for its sandwiches. The Florida Pizza Company uses reduced fat cheeses and lean choice meats including steroid and hormone free chicken which is grilled in store daily!

There is Such a Thing!

After taking a bite of our pizza, it is hard to believe that what you are eating is not only lower in calories and saturated fat, but a nutrition filled meal containing whole grain; reduced fat protein filled meats and cheeses, essential fats, and fresh vegetables. If fresh great tasting healthy pizza is what you've been looking for, we've answered! Come taste the evolution of pizza!!