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Paper Recycling

Paper recycling is the process of turning waste or shredded paper into new and usable paper products. Paper is one of the most versatile and important material used in homes, schools, offices and businesses throughout the world. Athough we are continually moving into the digital age, we still depend heavily on paper for books, homework, blueprints, company manuals, business proposals, food containers, cardboard boxes and much more. Just as important are legal and technical documents such as birth certificates, social security cards, car registration forms, awards and other documents that mark our significant achievements and declare us as real and legitimate human beings.

Everywhere you go you'll see something made from paper - boxes, newspapers, signs, flyers, books, magazines, posters,.. paper is part of our everyday lives. Paper takes up over 40% of our waste stream, making it the top material that we throw away. Unfortunately, as easy as it is to shred paper, it is not always the most recycled material.

Why Recycle Paper?

Paper is made from trees. Every time you contribute to a paper recycle bin, you are helping to save a tree. Trees keep the atmoshere healthy for breathing and the temperature on an even temperature keel. Since recycled paper is 100% dependant on man to produce, the effectiveness of our efforts depend on how many companies and individuals decide to participate. Since it is a relatively easy process to make and recycle paper, a small and practical effort will have a large impact as far as business space requirements and waste efficiency needs. Coupled with problems of identity theft and rising operating costs, the need for dependable solutions to store and dispose discarded paper is in demand more today than ever before.

Paper takes far less energy to produce from recylable paper materials than it does to produce from it's virgin source - trees. It is also cheaper to shred and recycle paper than it is to store it in landfills!

What are a few types of paper products that can be recycled?

junk mail
computer paper

Benefits of recycling paper include:

reduces greenhouse gas emissions
conserves natural resources
saves landfill space
reduces paper costs
reduces the need for chemicals, dyes, ink and bleach

The El Paso Shred Corp can help your paper recovery efforts by including shredding and collection stations. Your business will enable easy paper disposal for office employees. Additional paper collection solutions include collection bins in non-office areas for corrugated/cardboard in warehouse and waste management facilities. To encourage your employees clients and guests to recycle, you may want to consider placing signs on or near trash and recycling bins that encourage good habits of conservation. By featuring company recycling program with articles, newsletters and signs along with regular updates, you'll be promoting individual participation in recycling. Signage on large shredding bins will serve as a reminder to employees that the paper they help to recycle will benefit everyone.

The El Paso Shred Corp can provide you with information about which types of materials are acceptable for recycling. We will work with you to determine how recycling specific materials might impact your current hauling, collecting and cleaning service costs. If your company is a tenant in a large office building, we will work with the building owners or management company to contract a recycling solution. Some recycling companies are not capable or just not willing to accept or pick up the paper materials you want to recycle. The El Paso Shred Corp will help you determin the potential costs and benefits of recycling and which materials can be recycled most cost effectively. We will also discuss with you how special paper products need to be collected and what are some possible contaminants in these products.

What should I do next?

Paper recycling has been around for decades and is a proven effective method of being beneficial to industry and nature. Call the El Paso Shred Corp for a free onsite review and we will help design a paper recycling program that will work for you.

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