Paper Shredding with Strict Security Standards

Records Management in El Paso

Maintaining Your Paper and Electronic Files

Many companies depend on records management in El Paso. They rely on this type of service for different types of information, however, many of these companies do not have the required knowledge with their in-house staff to successfully manage electronic and physical records from creation to destruction. The El Paso Shred Corp knows that managing your records involves more than just one physical form of information with printed text. A record can be any tangible object or digital Records Management in El Paso container which allows information to be stored in it. Our staff will keep charge of your records and maintain them in a way in which you can show the "evidence" of certain activities of your organization that identify you as a legitimate business.

Avoid Litigation

The El Paso Shred Corp can help you as an individual or an organization avoid the possibility of government intervention, surprise audits, and the threat of litigation. We'll keep your records organized and stored in a secure environment until you decide what you want to do with them; keep them stored safely or dispose and shred them securely.

Safeguarding Identities With Practical Solutions

We can help your business stay ahead of identity theft with comprehensive records management in El Paso. In 1996, Congress enacted the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which require any business that is responsible for keeping any medical records or transferring medical information to be familiar with this law. Our safe and secure methods for storing sensitive documents help you comply with new regulations and provide you with the freedom of not having to worry about compromising your client's identity. Our facility is monitored by a trained in-house staff which provides you with a safe and secure environment. The watchful eye of our staff know exactly where your sensitive materials are at all times.

Store Securely with Cost Efficiency in Mind

The actual floor space and the cost of it can turn on-site records storage into a significant expense. Add in the labor costs involved with organizing, accessing and moving information can further increase expenses. The El Paso Shred Corp offers records management in El Paso featuring a safe and convenient storage solution. Our facility can safely and accurately accommodate your records allowing you to access and navigate them easily at a reasonable cost. We can help you avoid conflicts that involve mis-identification, organizational hazards and theft at a cost you can afford. Call us today for an honest and accurate quote for your office solution needs.

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