Paper Shredding with Strict Security Standards

Secure Document Shredding in El Paso

Document Destruction With Industry Standards

One of the best ways to ensure that your identity and confidential information is not being compromised is secure document shredding. The El Paso Shred Corp provides secure document shredding in El Paso Texas. We can reduce the chance of identity theft from criminals by destroying all of your unwanted documents including diagrams, receipts, blueprints, memos, photos, microfilm, manuscripts, birth certificates, company letters, technical drawings and more. We understand the basic necessity of keeping control over your documents and help you to avoid serious liability.

Identity theft is now the fastest growing crime in the country. Unfortunately, secure document shredding in El Paso is a procedure that is not practiced enough, as many local businesses don't realize how easy it is to use simple precautions that can help to avoid bad things from happening. Most identity theft is done through simple means of collecting files and records that are thrown in the trash. Shredders purchased from a retail store might not be enough when it comes to shredding information such as financial printouts, employee records and payroll information. Large organizations that maintain files containing medical histories, military records and criminal background records have an even bigger stake when it comes to preventing information from falling into the wrong hands.

Criminals are indeed taking their victims trash to sort through and find any personal information they can use to assume one's identity. A simple bank statement can enable a criminal to create new financial transactions at their victim's expense. By simply looking in trash cans or finding simple documents that are just lying around, thieves are able to take hold of documents that should have otherwise been scheduled for destruction. Consider secure document shredding in El Paso with the El Paso Shred Corp!

Safeguarding Identities With AAA Certified Practices

We can help your business and your patients, clients and customers stay ahead of identity theft with secure document shredding in El Paso. Our shredders are monitored by trained in-house staff members who keep a watchful eye on your documents at all times. This guarantees that your sensitive documents will be followed with certified practices from the time your documents arrive to the time they are destroyed.

Your Certificate of Guaranteed Authenticity

The El Paso Shred Corp will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive shredding report. You will receive a certificate that guarantees you proper destruction for all of your documents that we have handled and destroyed.

Be Safe! . . Shred it Today!

Secure Document Shredding in El Paso Call the EL Paso Shred Corp for secure document shredding in El Paso. Call us today and we'll supply you with an accurate quote for safe and secure shredding of your unwanted documents, media, hard drives and more. We'll beat our local competitor's prices by 10%. For safe, reliable and professional help in disposing of your unwanted sensitive materials, call the El Paso Shred Corp.

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