Paper Shredding with Strict Security Standards

Understanding Business Security

Every El Paso business should have priorities and consider it's security as the most important. Often, small businesses do not include this as a top priority because they believe they aren't targets for crime, since they are only a small operation. This type of thinking is dangerous.

Large companies usually have money to increase their security so smaller businesses are becoming more attractive as targets, making them easier to break in. However, whether you are a small or large organization, security threats are not just limited to attacks from the outside but can also come from disgruntled employees working inside the company.

Be Alert -   Businesses should always be alert and open to the possibility of threats. The most important times when owners and employees need to be very conscious about their surroundings is opening, closing and evening hours. It's important for employers to pay extra attention to employees, customers and those that seem to be 'hanging around' the outside perimeter during these hours.

Be Sensitive -   Employers should be sensitive to employee needs and have company safety meetings regularly. This will create an atmosphere that allow your employees to communicate more freely. It also increases their conscious level of their surroundings. Employees feel empowered when they are given the incentive to talk and report suspicious activity and unsafe working conditons in their own workplace.

Provide Adequate Lighting -   Provide enough lighting on all the doors and parking lots to improve security for both your business and employees. Make sure that your business is clearly visible from the street so that police and security can see the store area clearly. Interior lighting will also enable police and security to peer into the inside as they pass by as well as emergency personell navigating their way around on the inside perimeter.

Upgrade or Install New Locks -   If you are the owner of a large company or small retail establishement, lock installation is one of the most important things to consider, as locks serve as the first line of defense in the protection of your perimeter. Getting the right locks installed is really quite affordable and it could pay for itself the first time someone attempts to break in. Since there are a lot of companies ready to provide security, it is important to make sure that your choice of locksmiths is the right one.

Have an Alarm Installed -   Alarm systems come in different forms according to your budget and particular needs. There are companies that are willing to give a free on-site business review to suggest the system that is right for you. The alarm system that you choose should have a control panel that is easy to figure out so that all employees and in-house security will be familiar with it as far as reading the codes. Since there are a lot of companies ready to provide security, you can get competitive quotes from them and choose the one that is right for you.

Install a Few Security Cameras -   Adding a few security cameras along with some monitors will enable you to see Business Security what's happening around your company's perimeter. Your business is important to you, and without proper security, it can easily be compromised. Keep a close eye on your business day and night, even when you're not there with a surveillance system from a reputable security camera installation company.

Have Emergency Plans in Place -   Practice emergency evacuation procedures with your employees. Make sure that you already have documents outlining steps to follow in case of a real emergency. Designate an idividual who is in charge of evacuation procedures such as a fire guard to coordinate employees to the nearest stair wells. Also require the person in charge to wear an article of clothing such as a bright orange vest which will draw attention in the midst of confusion. It's best to always be prepared for eventualities such as fire, theft, floods and the like.

Evacuation plans and documents should always be displayed in an area where employees will see them often and can familiarize themselves with them. Have important telephone numbers for fire and police in a binder and place it where they are easily accessible. These emergency numbers should also include a point of contact for maintenance in case of minor emergencies after hours (broken water pipes, etc). Make sure your employees know where fire alarms, extinguishers, and stairwells are located and have safety meetings on a regular basis.

Take Care of Your Data and Limit Access -   The information that you get from your customers as well as the information you have for your business should be well protected. Don't wait for a breach in security to secure all of your information. A mistake like that can mean spending a lot of time and money to make up for it. It's best to always take precautions to avoid leakage of sensitive data.

If you give internet access to your employess, make sure to limit access to only websites and actions that are needed in order to perform the job. You do not want them to access external websites or networks that are irrevelant to the job at hand.

Each of your employees should also be given their own user/passwords to use when logging on to the computer. Passwords should never be shared with co-workers for any reason. They should be aware that they will be responsible for any activity that happens when their username is logged into the system.

Make sure your firewall is always ON. This will significantly increase the security levels of your company to limit any unauthorized access coming from outside your network.

Shred Unwanted Information -   Make it a rule that all paper documents containing client or business information should be shredded on a regular basis once it is no longer needed. Setting up a regular schedule for shredding is a must. Make sure to communicate it to your employees so everyone will get used to setting aside documents to shred. Make it easy for them by setting up shred bins in convenient locations throughout the inside of your company.

If you find setting up security for your business to be daunting, it's always good to consult a professional. This might seem like an added expense, but proper security is a vital part of your business and should not be taken lightly.

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