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What Can I Do To Help The Environment?

Have you ever asked yourself, "What can I do to help the environment?" Well,. the answer is, "you can do a lot!" if we all pitch in and take a few small green steps, we will make an impact on our environment. Preserving the environment is a big task and it takes a collective effort by everyone to make a real change.

You have the power to make a real difference. Designate yourself as a community volunteer and encourage others to do their part too. It could be as easy as encouraging others to pick up trash in the neighborhood. It will not happen on its own because it takes a leader who is willing to take the initiative, and that leader could be you. Your role will payoff when others see your good work and decide to contribute to the same cause.

Don't have doubts that your single efforts won't make a difference. Consider your actions and how they will influence others when they observe you taking up a positive initiative. If everyone spent just 10 minutes a day contributing in a positive way, our environment would drastically improve in a very short period of time.

Here are some things we can all do . . .

Don't litter

When you hear the question, "What can I do to help the environment?", consider the simple act of putting trash in it's place. This is a simple, practical, and very efficient way of making your local neighborhood a cleaner place. If we all do this, we can begin to live in a world that is much cleaner and harmoneous.

Turn off lights

Turn off lights and other electrical devices when you don't need them. When light bulbs burn out, replace them with compact fluorescents or other energy efficient bulbs. These light bulbs consume a fraction of what old light bulbs use, and provide more light as well. You can save money by purchasing the economy packs instead of single bulbs.


Disconnect appliances when your not using them. Turning off that computer when you're not using it will save more than just a few bucks a month and it will also reduce some of that heat being produced in your home. A water heater is another big one on the list. During hot summer months, turn down the temperature, and when the cooler seasons are here, turn it back up.


Start a compost pile from things you throw away everyday. By adding organic waste to the soil, you'll be producing your own high quality fertilizer. Instead of tossing those coffee grounds, apple slices and bread crumbs into the trash can, toss them into a small bin in your backyard. You'll reduce the amount of energy used to send this waste to the dump and produce high quality soil to start a garden. You can also build yourself a worm composting bin, and reduce the amount of trash being put into landfills. Worms will eat food scraps, paper, coffee grounds with filter, eggshells, and veggies, and convert them into high grade fertilizer. When mowing your lawn, leave the clippings right there on the lawn intead of picking them up. They will decompose which will give you a healthier looking lawn, and reduce the amount of garbage you put out! Collect leaves that fall and put them around the trunks of trees, this mulch will help feed your trees too!

Plant a Tree

You can help the environment by planting a tree. Trees absorb CO2 and exchange it by releasing oxygen back into the atmoshere. This makes the atmoshere healthier and easier to breath. Trees also cool your home, increase property values, reduce urban runoff, capture dust particles from the air and reduce noise pollution!

The best trees to plant are those that are native to your area. Why plant native trees? Because native trees use less water, support native wildlife, and are better adapted to your area. You can plant native trees in your yard or if you don't have a yard, contribute to community tree planting efforts. Native trees also help promote native birds in your area. Hanging a birdhouse will help birds find a safe place to dwell and evolve more successfully.

Car Pool

Spread the word at your job and let your fellow employees know that you're interested in starting a car pool. Place a notice in the break room or send out group emails with the details. It's a great way to make friends and maybe a little cash on the side too! If you get the attention of your boss, he might be intersted in sponsoring your efforts by compensating you at the end of every month with a small percentage bonus!

If you don't want to car pool, try public transportation every now and then. Become familiar with your local bus system. You can also consider walking or biking to your final destination. Brainstorm and put at least a few of these ideas into action. Walking instead of driving to the grocery store is a great way to exercise and help the environment!

Pose the question . . "What Can I Do To Help The Environment?" What Can I Do To Help The Environment

Get the discussion started and ask others how they can help the environment. Encourage your family, friends and relatives to do more to protect the environment, and explain to them why it's important. Let your kids know how important it is to do their part in helping to keep the environment clean. Ask them to walk to the grocery store with you and teach them about nature on the way. Let them see you doing other things like separating trash before you throw away those wrappers that came from the groceries that you purchased with them. Don't hire a lawn maintenance company to take care of your yard. Get your kids involved with lawn and tree maintenance and teach them the importance of what you're doing. If you have a small yard, consider using a manual push reel mower. The exercise will allow you to reduce the time you spend at the gym! Additionally, if you get your kids to follow your example, you can do your part to help reduce child obesity and diabetes!

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